Vietnam : Hue, Vietnam – Walking through the Vietnam’s glorious past


As I backpack across IndoChine, Hue is the city that I can say as my favorite in Vietnam. Hue, once the capital of Vietnam, is one of the oldest cities in the history of Vietnam. This city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thus, no wonder people always say that It is one of the best cities to see Vietnam’s glorious past.

Hue’ always makes tourists confused on how to pronounce it. It is now Hyee, Hoo, or Hu way but It is a single syllable name and rather to be pronounced as “ H-way” . As it was once the capital city of Vietnam, of course, Hue has its own International airport which is the Phu Bai International Airport.

Famous bridge on the Perfume River

This city is also accessible to the other big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh so you will have the option to fly directly to this city or to one of the other big cities in Vietnam. Hue is known to be the city of emperors. You can find numerous monuments which were built by the rulers of the Nguyen dynasty here. Thus, other than food hunting, enjoy a good evening by looking at the perfume river, and best to visit the monuments, tombs, and temples.

One of the best imperial heritage sites in Hue is the Royal Tomb of Khai Din. This tomb is relatively smaller than the other tomb around Vietnam but you will be amazed to see the details of this tomb as the time to complete this tomb is the longest which takes up to 11 years and cost a lot. This Tomb is located not too far from the city. It is on the Chau Chu Mountain and surrounded by forest. I would recommend you to rent a bike and just follow Google maps to come here. The entrance fee for this tomb is 100,000 VND. Morning is the best time to visit as it will not be packed with tourists around the tomb.

While you were there, don’t forget to continue your journey to Imperial palace, Thien Mu Pagoda, Perfume River and of course go for a food hunt. I will suggest you look for local water fern cakes (banh beo), steamed rice pancake with shrimp (bahn nam) and many more!

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