China : Tianjin, Winter Wonderland

Written by Zarnizar

A trip to Tianjin China is not for the faint-hearted. There’s so much to see and do here. Trust me, you will be amazed with this major port city in northeastern China.

TianJin is the fourth largest city in China. This great city has such an incredibly rich history. Which until today, it remains a sight to behold. Due to the concession of territories to Western powers during the Qing Dynasty, many districts in Tianjin look like a jump back to 19th century Europe. These buildings have been well-preserved as heritage sites and others have been converted into government offices.

I was lucky to travel to TianJin during winter. Many of us don’t know, but TianJin does have a very wonderful view during snow season. In fact, when I googled about snow and ice festival in Tianjin, I didn’t get much information. When I arrived there, I’m amazed by the beauty of ice formation and snowflakes. I enjoy my time in TianJin as I get to see icy views everywhere while eating hot noodles.

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