Taiwan : My Favourite Places in Taiwan!

Written by hannafarishafauzi

When I visited Taiwan in 2019, it was a spur of the moment trip that lasted just five days. I wasn’t expecting much from that trip, but to my surprise, I wound up falling in love with Taiwan. Upon arriving, you can get to the city from Taoyuan Airport by MRT, bus, taxi, or private transfer. Our team went to the city by private transfer that had already been booked beforehand .

There are many things to love about Taipei like its night markets and many museums. But beyond its attractions, what makes Taipei so alluring for me, is the city itself. With conveniences like a cheap but incredibly efficient metro system, and its plethora of well-maintained public parks, it’s a city that clearly puts its people first. Here’s some places I’ve visited!

Ximending Walking District and Jiufen Old Street

Some of the night markets that I went to were Ximending Walking District and Jiufen Old Street . I found the Ximending area in Wanhua District to be one of the best and most convenient areas to stay. As described, Ximending in Wanhua District is a fun neighborhood with lots to see and do. It’s an energetic neon-lit environment that’s often referred to as the “Harajuku of Taipei”. For travelers like us who enjoy being close to plenty of food options, I think Ximending is one of the best areas to stay in Taipei. To be honest though, I think deliberating on which area to stay matters less in Taipei because the public transportation system is excellent. The MRT is so convenient that it almost doesn’t matter where you stay.

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Huashan 1914 Creative Park is one of the biggest and most interesting creative parks we’ve visited in Taiwan. It’s located in Zhongzheng District in Taipei, and boasts multiple exhibit spaces, shops, and cafes within the park grounds. But aside from what’s on display there, one of the things I found most interesting about this creative park is the space itself. It used to be a winery during Japanese rule, producing sake and ginseng wines, as well as breeding moth orchids of all things. You’ll recognize it by its distinctive chimney towering from the winery’s old boiler room.

Yehliu Geopark

This place was fascinating. Yehliu Geological Park is a reserve located within a 1.7 km stretch of cape in Wanli District, New Taipei City. It’s home to these unusual mushroom-like rock formations that have been shaped through the centuries by wind and water erosion. Known as hoodoo stones or fairy chimneys, these types of rock formations typically occur in areas where a thick layer of soft rock, like mudstone, is covered by a thin layer of a harder rock, such as limestone or basalt. Through the power of suggestion, many of the rock formations here are said to resemble things like gorillas, ice cream cones, even pineapple buns. But none are more famous than the Queen’s Head rock pictured below. As much as I love Taipei, I’m not an expert but I do hope you find this post useful. Have fun!

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