Malaysia : Hidden gems of Terengganu

Written by azmeer iskandar

Terengganu, one of the best states in Malaysia one could ever live in. Living in Terengganu made me appreciate the local authentic food, nature, Malay culture and architecture.

Whenever one talks about Terengganu, the delicious Keropok lekor, the beautiful handmade batik in Pasir Payang, blue beaches and of course the new Drawbridge
comes to mind.

I will share with you one more hidden gems in Terengganu that is seldom talked about…Air Terjun Bukit Besi, Dungun. It only takes an hour drive from Kuala Terengganu and the view is spectacular, to say the least. The crystal clear waterfall surrounded by the green forest is definitely what one needs to appreciate. 

Usually, if we want to see beautiful waterfalls, we have to hike deep inside the jungle, however in this case, Good News!! You don’t need to go hiking or walk a long distance to reach this waterfall. You just park your car and the waterfall is just a few steps away.

You will definitely fall in love with the crystal clear waters at Air Terjun Bukit Besi. Swimming in the waters flowing from Tasik Puteri above is so rejuvenating. You will feel refreshed and by the way, look closely, you can see the river fish swimming freely.

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