South Korea : I SEOUL U – Strolling around Bukchon Hanok Village in a Hanbok

Written by Nurul Nabila Asyiqin

안녕하세요~! means Hello in Korean.  We can’t deny that Korean culture and cuisines are starting to grow on us.

Over the years, I have travelled to Korea a few times and experienced the different seasons here. However even after multiple visits to this beautiful country, I still haven’t found it boring. In fact Seoul has plenty to offer and is filled with many new places to discover.

My favourite season to travel to Korea is definitely the winter season. Do not expect a winter wonderland in Seoul though, because it only snows occasionally here. Regardless of what, this place is a must go for its ambience, its food and culture.

Even in the heart of the city you can still find places with rich cultural values. One of the things I definitely would recommend to do here is to visit the Bukchon Hanok Village, situated not far from Gyeongbokgung Palace. Don’t forget to wear their traditional costume called the Hanbok and take a stroll around these historic places. There are several Hanbok rental shops nearby the place and it costs around 15000KRW to 25000KRW.

Strolling around Bukchon Hanok Village gives you a feeling of going back in time to the Joseon era. From their traditional built homes to majestic castles that surround the area, this place will never cease to amaze you.

Getting there by subway:
Take line 3 (the orange line) to Gyeongbokgung station.

However you may want to stop by at Anguk station (1 station before Gyeongbokgung) walk around Insa-dong, visit their art galleries and shop for souvenirs before taking a 5-10min walk to the Palace. Don’t forget to reload your T-Money as they solely use T-money card for their subway lines. You can go for a quick foo dhunt here in Insa-dong!

Speaking about K-food there are many kinds to offer. The best time for a food hunt is surely when it’s cold outside and all you want to do is indulge yourself in a wholesome satisfying meal.

So while you were here, do try their authentic food like Sujebi 수제비 and Pajeon 파전. Sujebi is a clear soup filled with hand pulled flour dough noodles. And Pajeon is actually pancake made of seafood & spring onions. You can find the restaurant here in the street of Insadong.

Writing this, I am starting to miss Seoul even more. Can’t wait to go back again soon. 잘가요!

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