Japan : Japanese Castle

Written by Mohammad Harris bin Shahrul Annuar

Osaka Castle is a well known tourist spot and a stunning historic landmark in the center of a new, high-rise concrete blocking urban cityscape. The castle sits in a wide protected park in the lawn and comprises a complex network of moats, buildings and walls surrounding a massive central tower.

I am truly fascinated by the design structures of the castle. The main central tower is 55 meters above sea level and contains a museum and a viewing platform from which travelers can experience spectacular panoramic views of Osaka. Speaking of amazing views, the Castle Park is definitely perfect for instagramable as the park has beautiful green lawns, plum, peach and cherry blossom trees. The Nishinomaru Garden is 200 yen to enter the park grounds. It has a tea house and many cherry trees common in the spring, and is a good spot to view the Osaka Castle.

Opening hours:
9.00 – 17.00 (Last entry at 16.30)
Entry fee:
Adults: 600 yen
Children (under 15): free
How to go there
Four separate stations are within easy walking distance around this site. The easiest way to get to Osaka Castle from Osaka Station is by taking the Osaka Loop Line to Osakajokoen Station on the north-eastern side of the park. From there the castle itself is an 18 minute walk through the park grounds.

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