Japan : Tofukuji Kyoto, your go to place for momijigari

Written by Lee Wei Xin

Tofukuji Temple is a popular Zen temple in Kyoto, especially during autumn. The wooden walkway connecting the entrance to the main garden has a beautiful name called Tsutenkyo, which directly translated into, the Bridge to Heaven. This bridge stretches above a valley of crimson maple trees in the autumn as if it’s built above a sea of crimson clouds. And yes, this is the main attraction of Tofukuji temple.

If you only pay ¥400 at the entrance, this ticket will only give you access to the Tsutenkyo Bridge and the Kaisando Hall. If you wish to visit the Hojo and its garden, there is another ¥400 you have to pay. The Kaisando Hall is the mausoleum of the former temple chief priest.

To get to Tofukuji Temple, visitors can either take the JR Nara Line to Tofukuji station, or access using the Keihan Main Line. Alternatively, one can take the Kyoto city bus number 208 to Tofukuji bus stop.

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