Japan : The Southernmost Key Island of Japan

Written by Cyrus YONG

*The southernmost key island of Japan*

Talking about Japan , I think most of us have been to Tokyo? Osaka? Kyoto? Hokkaido and even Okinawa. You think you have explored most of Japan? You might or you not have but for those who have not visited Kyushu, you should definitely put it on your list!!

There are active volcanoes, waterfalls, natural hot springs, and semi-tropical coastlines in the lush green countryside. Kyushu is host to some seriously amazing areas, from the bustling metropolis of Fukuoka City to the pristine beaches of Amami Oshima. We have no excuse not to visit this beautiful province in the southwest of Japan which offers many historic treasures, modern cities and natural beauty!!

One of the highlights of my Kyushu trip was the Takachiko Gorge, you are gonna be amazed by its beauty. The gorge is formed by lava from Mount Aso which over time eroded to create 80m-100m high cliff of volcanic basalt columns. The best way to enjoy this magnificent gorge is to rent a boat and row around the gorgeous 17 meter high Manai waterfall. You can feed the fishes and ducks on the river too!! It is a place that is suitable for everyone; family, couples or even teenagers, it is a fun place to be!

For those who do not want to go on the boat, you can enjoy the gorge from another perspective by walking the paved path that runs along the edge of the gorge. There are beautiful views all along the way and at certain points on the trail you can look practically straight down to the river below. The trail runs for about one kilometre, eventually leading to the Takachiho Shrine.

Looking for an instagrammable place in Japan but not flooded by tourists yet? Kyushu is the place to be!! And be ADVENTUROUS and try some horse sashimi too.

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