Japan : Kuromon Market: great energy, better seafood

Written by Alvin See Chin Keong

The Kuromon Ichiba Market is a spot near Nipponbashi station in Osaka. It is essentially a massive street market where you can get endless fresh seafood and other street food. Hence I would like to share my experience and tips with you guys.

The Famous Kuromon Market

One of the factors I always appreciated about visiting Kuromon Ichiba Market is that although it’s a little touristy now it still maintains a very local neighborhood market at the same time. It is definitely a friendly neighborhood, as the sellers were really hospitable and it just had a pleasant feeling for the whole market street.

One of the best things you can do in Kuromon Market is to try a wide variety of food! Range from Kobe beef, takoyaki, fresh scallops, eels, dons and more! Trust me everything here is such heaven till you might have difficulties deciding what to have but here’s some I tried along the journey in Kuromon Market.

As the crowd is always packed, try to ensure not to obstruct the flow of traffic and dispose of your garbage and handle your food carefully do not soil the clothes of bypassers. But hey, Japan is very clean and totally cares about their hygiene most of the time, thus no worries on standing at the side to enjoy your snacks!

However, to get to Kuromon Market you can easily reach by taking the train from Nipponbashi Station on the Sennichimae and Sakaisuji subway lines to Namba Station. Alternatively, it is a ten-minute walk but hey, trust me you will enjoy the view along the way! 

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