Japan : Ginza – nothing like imagined!

Written by Adlina Suhaimi

The feeling of seeing a location out of postcards is in-describe-able. Truly, Ginza is one of the places in Japan that melts my heart away. Ginza which translates to “silver mint” in Japanese definitely lives up to its name as the cool, edgy street. I wanted to familiarize myself with the routes and cold breeze of January that is still somewhat foreign to me.

Growing up, I often think of Japan as a fast-moving country, filled with bright-coloured streets and stalls – I am a nuisance to think that Ginza is anything like the anime and mangas (animated Japanese films and comics) that I have read, as the streets of Ginza are painted with luxurious monotonous hues. After the exit A10 at the Ginza station, I am wow-ed! You can find multiple notorious brands in the streets of Ginza under the roof of Ginza Wako, Ginza Six and Tokyu Plaza Ginza.

It definitely captured my fondest memory as I walked in the cold evening air. Strolling through the urban streets with a hot Matcha Latte from Ginza Tricolore café definitely warms my body right up. If you are paying Ginza a visit, Ginza Trocolore Café’ is definitely worth the 3 minute walk from the Higashi-ginza Station. Further down the road, there is a scooter parked outside of the shopping buildings. On top of the scooter, seen were two sleeping cats, remain unbothered while tourists lined up to take a glimpse of their cuteness.

After almost half of a day at the Ginza Street, as I was strolling while my family went shopping at Itoya and Uniqlo, I managed to capture this silhouette as a reminder of the beautiful Ginza in Tokyo. If you are an avid shopper, Ginza is definitely one of the spots in Tokyo that you would not want to miss ☺

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