Japan : Autumn in Hokkaido

Written by Amsyarnaaif

Autumn in Hokkaido

Hokkaido, Japan is widely popular for its snow during the winter season as it becomes a paradise for skiers. But don’t skip on autumn in Hokkaido! The sceneries and the ambience are aesthetically pleasing. I stayed in Niseko, which is a town in northern Hokkaido at a place called Kasara Niseko Village Townhouse. Apart from all the comfort and privileges it provided, what I love most is the astounding view of Mount Yotei that will leave you breathless and you can’t help but feel happy just by looking at it.

Mount Yotei

Hokkaido is definitely a must for nature lovers. There are many enjoyable activities that take you back to the outdoors. I had the opportunity to try my hand at white water rafting and I love it! Especially because of the excitement & the water is so clear. If that is too adventurous for you, there are other family-friendly, more relaxing things to do. I went to a dairy farm called Niseko Takahashi Dairy Farm MILK KOBO. This farm offers various heavenly, dairy-based desserts like ice cream, eclairs, and cakes. My friends and I experienced milk tasting. The taste of pure milk yoghurt and pure Hokkaido tart left me wanting more! I also visited Yamamoto Orchard which is a fruit farm in Yoichimachi, Hokkaido.

As a photographer, I cannot miss the opportunity to capture the milky way in the Japanese night sky. With the temperature about 15∘C, my friends and I did not let the cold stop us from stargazing and appreciating the cosmic beauty through the photos we took. Don’t miss out on autumn in Hokkaido as you never know what view may open up before your eyes. Definitely will come back! ☺

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