Japan : A Sunflower Stopover at Hokuryu Town

Written by Sharon Lee

Alighting from our rented car, we were quickly amazed by the sight of a seemingly endless hill covered in sunflowers.

Watching them swaying in the gentle breeze, it was really easy for us to fall into a relaxed state.

The phrase Himarwarinosato (ひまわりの里 or sunflower village) refers to the famous Hokuryu town located in the West of Asahikawa city. Naturally, they only bloom in the summer (mid July to early August), so do make your plans around then. Do remember that it can get really hot so always pack your sunblock and/or fashionable UV protection umbrellas (arguably the best part of Japan *wink*).

While the parking and entrance is free, the garden itself is a maze, but don’t fear, bicycles are available for rental.

We also stopped by some food stalls nearby which had some light refreshments and snacks, Overall, Hokuryu town was a pleasant experience for us, including the drive from and back to Asahikawa.

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