Indonesia : Pleasing the spirits of Batak People.

Written by Shahrul Izwan Dona

Huta Siallagan is one of the most visited Huta (traditional villages) in Samosir Island, Lake Toba Indonesia. Once I entered this village, i’ve tried Tor Tor Dance, and see the performance of Mystical Doll Sigale-gale. It was fun to watch the local tourists taking part in traditional dance shows. There are tour guides offered, but we have to pay them.

There are traditional houses of Batak community and its functions. Toba Batak houses, for example, are boat-shaped with intricately carved gables and up sweeping roof ridges. Me and my friends entered their house to see their lifestyle, costumes and many more .

There is a spot where the king executed his enemies with a sadistic torture. This is a great place to come spend an hour or so, and if you come to Samosir Island without visiting the historical places like this one, then you’re doing Toba wrong. While you can certainly save money by doing quick research on the internet, Wiki just doesn’t give the same colourful experience or make the same memories as spending an hour with a highly enthusiastic local.

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