Indonesia : 3 Things to do in Lake Toba, Indonesia

Written by mohd jaslin bin puasa

Hidden in the hinterland of Northern Sumatra, Lake Toba, with its luscious greenery and blue waters, is fast becoming a popular destination within the region. Lying just four hours away from Central Medan, this ancient supervolcano is bound to delight both nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Covering more than 1200km², the area around Lake Toba is one of the most diverse in Southeast Asia, and distinctly different from anywhere else in Indonesia.

Visit the Batak Villages
Discover the “beach” of Lake Toba
Chill by the lake

Immerse in the magnificence of the lake by having a picnic or a walk by the lake. There is no better way to appreciate nature than taking your time to revel in it. Lay down a picnic mat, or just grab a beach chair from one of the many lakeside resorts and just have a glass of iced tea or two.

2. Visit the Batak Villages
The region surrounding Lake Toba is inhabited by an ethnic group known as the Bataks, whose traditions and lifestyles are generally different from the rest of Indonesia. The large majority of Bataks subscribe to the Christian faith, and in turn there are many more churches in the area than other Indonesian towns and cities. The Batak people themselves are separated into several different groups with distinct cultures and practices from one another. One thing that remained similar among the Batak people is the architecture of their houses. While there are minor differences, most Batak groups have houses with similarly shaped roofs. The photos above show a Toba Batak village on the island of Samosir, located in the middle of Lake Toba.

3.Discover the “beach” of Lake Toba
This isn’t your ordinary beach. Bukit Paropo is where the grassy green hillsides meet the many shades of sparkling blue waters below. Rather than salty seawater, Bukit Paropo “beach” faces the beauty of freshwater Lake Toba.
Though Bukit Paropo is becoming increasingly popular among local tourists, you have around 28 kilometres of “beach” to enjoy. So find your own spot, and you’ll soon feel as though you own the place!

The rest you guys can explore & enjoy yourself!!

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