Thailand : Day trip from Bangkok for Sunflowers at Lopburi

Written by Lee Xin Yi

Only if you don’t mind a 2-hour drive out from Bangkok to a very quiet town just for Sunflowers. (Or 3-hour if you want to be local and experience their old skool train.)

In Lopburi, Grab service is close to zero visibility and even if you manage the hail a taxi, the locals there don’t understand an ounce of English. The language barrier can be a real struggle there. Hence I must say just save the hassle of travelling the hard way, hire a private taxi service. They will pick you up directly from your stay in Bangkok, covering few places in Lopburi, take care of your meals and get you back safe and sound. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

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I book my private tour from here:
Friendly and helpful driver, comfortable and clean 4WD is getting 5 STARS from me.

On the way to Lopburi, you might question yourself why did you travel so far just to see flowers? Not any other different type of flowers but just Sunflower. But I guarantee you that the thought will be lost in the spaces when you pass by the infinity long sunflower field and start taking pictures with sunflowers that are as big as your face. The view is amazingly stunning and you will understand why sunflowers are called happy flowers.

Best time to visit is in Nov-Jan. To be safe, try avoiding going there mid/end January as lots of the sunflower are starting to wilt. You do not wish to travel so far to see “shower-head” sunflowers instead.

No harm planning a trip up there if you are in Bangkok the next trip. You can continue with your shopping the next day. 😉

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  1. Pauline Pauline says:

    wow.. the sunflowers look really hugeeeee

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