China : The Highest mountain in Western China

Written by Ben Gee

Sichuan has so many scenic places. But in my opinion Mount Siguniang is the highlight of my trip. I was super excited for this as we were told that it’s super cold up there and the landscape will be covered with a blanket of snow. We arrived late at night from Chengdu by bus and we immediately check in as we have a long hiking day ahead. I woke up feeling nauseated and dizzy. My tour guide told me that it is normal to experience so due to the drastic altitude change. It’s my first time experiencing altitude sickness.

Mount Siguniang is the highest mountain in the Qionglai mountains in Western China. In China’s Sichuan region, Mt Siguniang is also a UNESCO national park. As it has 4 magnificent snowy peaks, the term Siguniang Shan (almost) literally translates into 4 Sisters range. Tibetan folklore dictates that they are the embodiments of the mountain god’s four beautiful sisters. They are the highest Yao Mei Feng(the highest of the 4 peaks), San Feng, ErFeng, DaFeng. There are also three valleys at Mount Siguniang, Changping Valley (长坪沟), Haizi Valley (海子沟) and Shuangqiao Valley (双桥沟).

Park Entrance: 70CYN

Valley Entrance:
Changping Valley- 70CYN
Haizi Valley – 60CYN
Shuangpiao Valley – 80CYN
(Price might differ on seasons)

Along our hike, we were greeted by Tibetans selling herbs and drinks. I bought some dried wild berries from them and it sort of help a little with my altitude sickness. It was a long day of walking and I was shivering throughout the hike. But every time we reach the top, it was all worth it. The view is much more breathtaking than how I imagine it to be. Definitely picturesque.

Some tips if you are planning to visit this place. The most important advice I would give is to wear a heat tech underneath your clothing followed with a wind breaker as it gets really cold up there to the point it hurts. To make this trip more comfortable bring heat packs along. Lastly, prepare some snacks or food if you are picky as it’s up in the mountains and choices are limited and usually very very spicy. Also, food in this region is heavily based on yak. You will be eating yak everything. So, if you are not a fan of yak, bring some food from Chengdu.

Since I followed a tour, our time is limited and we only had one full day to visit all of the places above. However, I feel that in order to appreciate its beauty in totality you would need one full day in at each attraction

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