China : Shanghai, the pearl of the orient

Written by Swee Kai Lit

Shanghai, the pearl of the orient, is one of the biggest cities in the world. Everything is so different from the China that I have been to 20 years ago.

Xintiandi is the first spot in the city that I checked in the day I landed. It is full of Instagramable photo spots, surrounded by narrow alleyways. Too cool not to drop by to explore how it’s being mix and match with modern and heritage buildings. It’s a car-free shopping, eating, entertainment district that can occupy your entire afternoon.

Many foreigners can be spotted at this location as it is very ‘european’ feel. Totally fell in love being surrounded by tall, old trees. I spent my evening here, had a beer and made some new friends here at the local bar.

Can’t wait to go back again 😊

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