China : Shanghai, one of my favourite place!

Written by Charlene Tan

One of the largest cities in the world – Shanghai. It’s an important business center but perhaps more notably a favored tourist destination. You don’t want to miss out on the sights, food and fun this city provides travelers.

I’ve visited one of the Must Visit places in Shanghai – Yuyuan Garden. You might feel overwhelmed from the buildings, loud sounds, various smells and packed streets of Shanghai. Go to Yuyuan Garden and find some tranquility in this little hidden treasure in the center of the city.

Take your time to experience the decorated bridges and the Chinese pagodas. Spot all the stone dragons around the garden too! Don’t miss the Lotus Pool, a breathtaking and peaceful spot where you can meditate and relax. There is an admission fee for the Garden, it’s really worth for a visit.

The entrance fee: 40 yuan (Apr–Jun; Sep–Nov), 30 yuan (Jul–Aug;Dec–Mar) and open hours 8:30am–5:30pm (Mar–Oct), 8:30am–5pm (Nov–Feb)

You can also try their legendary Dumplings at Yuyuan. It’s easy to say all dumplings are alike, but there are specific distinctions throughout Chinese culture. And the Xiaolongbao is Shanghai’s very distinctive and popular version.

Oh, I can’t wait to visit to Shanghai again.

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