Malaysia : ATV Adventure in downtown Kuala Lumpur

Written by Pauline

My friends and I decided to head on to a nature adventure by going for the ATV ride in the middle of downtown Kuala Lumpur. It was raining from the night before and in the morning when we got there at 7.30am! And we were all geared up with our raincoat preparing for our little

The camp we went was very well organized and clean. They made us all choose our own helmets which come in different sizes. A little tip for hygiene factor is to wear your own cap to protect your hair from touching the inner helmet and you’ll do just fine! To familiarize ourselves with the bike, we were trained on a trail ride around the camp to learn control over the machine that we are riding on with trainers on the side to guide us.

The journey started with a fun ride on a proper tar road up to the jungle. Little did we know that this ATV ride difficulties depend on the weather. With the downpour in the morning, the track got much more challenging. The journey was truly dirty with high puddle of water filled with mud, and slippery steep hill to climb up with your ATV which made it much more fun!

After an hour of dirty ride, we ended up at a resting area with the unexplored Sofea Jane Waterfall at the background. We need to do a mini hike to the waterfalls when we reach. The reward came when you dip into the waters as it was so refreshing and clean after the long dirty ride. And most importantly, to wash all the mud over your body! Our guide K was very patience with us that he did not rush us to go but told us to take our time.

On our way back, my machine decided to break down on me. Guide K was so quick to action and he managed to fix my bike on the spot using whatever he can find in the woods! This also tested our team work and survival skills, the guys were quick to help! Of course being the only girl there at that point of time, I was just taking videos! 😀

The overall journey was a lot of fun and something really different from what you do on a day to day basis in the city. No harm trying this adventure out if you are a thrill seeker!

Here’s the link to book your adventure:

The trip is inexpensive ranging from RM100 – RM250 depending on which you want to take. We took the RM150 route which is sufficient for beginners.

Tip: remember to bring a cap, raincoat(if you are afraid of mud), mozzie repellent, bring a pair of old shoes (don’t need fancy Nike), slipper to change, towel and wet wipes.

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