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Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City, known as Saigon
By Lewis Teo

Indonesia : Gili Trawangan, The Largest of The Three Island
By Siti Solehah

Japan : Kuromon Market: great energy, better seafood
By Alvin See Chin Keong

Japan : The Southernmost Key Island of Japan
By Cyrus YONG

South Korea : Heaven’s protected castle
By Jia Yin

South Korea : Busan Must Go Places & To Do
By Bowie Cheong

China : Guangzhou
By Lim Sing Vun

Jepun : Dekati Budaya Sebenar Masyarakat Jepun di Iyashi No Sato
By Muhamad Mawardi Bin Mat Yunus

Japan : Japanese Castle
By Mohammad Harris bin Shahrul Annuar

Vietnam : Hue, Vietnam – Walking through the Vietnam’s glorious past

Vietnam : Experiencing Sa Pa Wonders!
By Mohd Shahril Fawzy Suhaili

Taiwan : My Favourite Places in Taiwan!
By hannafarishafauzi

Indonesia : Pleasing the spirits of Batak People.
By Shahrul Izwan Dona

Indonesia : Bali’s Iconic Instagrammable Water Palace
By Eros

Indonesia : 3 Things to do in Lake Toba, Indonesia
By mohd jaslin bin puasa

Japan : The kingdom of magic and dream, Tokyo Disneyland
By Aliza Sara

South Korea – Seoul, one of my favourite places!
By Lee Jsheng

Malaysia : Encore Melaka, mesmerizing performance about heritage and culture.
By joanne chan

Japan : Osaka, My Dream Destination
By Amanda

South Korea : Seoul, a vibrant city
By Fong Sze Hui

Japan : Ginza – nothing like imagined!
By Adlina Suhaimi

Korea : The “Locks of Love”
By Yumi Meiki

China : The Highest mountain in Western China
By Ben Gee

Taiwan : The Little Niagara of Taiwan ~ Shifen Waterfall 十分大瀑布
By sienny yong

Malaysia : For Nature lovers
By Hisham Hamdan

Malaysia : The Heart of Kuala Lumpur
By Muhammad Nafis Firdaus

Japan : Autumn in Hokkaido
By Amsyarnaaif

Malaysia : Tiny Islands in Kuala Terengganu
By Amirul Hakim

Japan : Illuminated Tokyo
By Syazwan Basri

China : Tianjin, A Hidden Gem for Architectural Photography
By Mohamad Anwar bin Mohd Yusli

China : Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, ubiquitous with paradise
By Joanne Ng

Malaysia : Royal Belum State Park, a pride without doubt
By Muhammad Hasif

South Korea : Nami Island, Garden of Morning Calm Tour
By Aimie Diyanna Binti Mohd Rosli

Malaysia : Sipadan- is every avid divers dream!

Japan : Tofukuji Kyoto, your go to place for momijigari
By Lee Wei Xin

Taiwan : My Taiwan Journey

China : Shanghai, the pearl of the orient
By Swee Kai Lit

China : Shanghai, one of my favourite place!
By Charlene Tan

Taiwan : Spirited away at Jiu Fen Old Town
By Cassey Soo

South Korea : Jeju, I’m In Love !
By Khairul Anuar

South Korea : I SEOUL U – Strolling around Bukchon Hanok Village in a Hanbok
By Nurul Nabila Asyiqin

Japan : A Sunflower Stopover at Hokuryu Town
By Sharon Lee

Malaysia : Hidden gems of Terengganu
By azmeer iskandar

Malaysia : Are you daring enough for the Mount Kinabalu via Ferrata experience?
By Mohd Shahril Fawzy

Japan : Kenroku-en – The Traditional Garden of Eden

China : Tianjin, Winter Wonderland
By Zarnizar

South Korea : Food is good for the Seoul
By Kah Wai Foong

Malaysia : ATV Adventure in downtown Kuala Lumpur
By Pauline

Thailand : Day trip from Bangkok for Sunflowers at Lopburi
By Lee Xin Yi

Taiwan : Taipei 101
By Hendra Wardi

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